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Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Canada

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) CanadaEquine Assisted Learning (EAL) CanadaEquine Assisted Learning (EAL) Canada

 Changing Lives Through Horses 

Equine Assisted Learning


What is Equine Assisted Learning?

It has been called experiential learning, horse/human interaction, non-verbal communication. It also has many titles, Equine Assisted Learning, Equine Assisted Therapy, Equine Assisted psychotherapy, and many more. 

Regardless of what it is called, it is communication between a horse and human that brings about change in the human. That is why at EAL Canada our motto is “CHANGING LIVES THROUGH HORSES” 

We know horses have an amazing ability to reach deep inside a human and touch on parts of their life that need attention.  Just connecting with the horse can help someone realize where changes need to be made, where healing needs to take place, where life resolutions need to happen.  Equine Assisted Learning is that process that helps make this happen and sets someone on a new path.


Equine Assisted Personal Development Coach

Equine Assisted Learninig (EAL) Canada teach their Equine Assisted Personal Development (EAPD) Coaches how to work with humans and horses to help them discover how to bring about change in their lives.   Working with the horse as their partner, the EAPD Coach asks questions  that help their client find the right answers for them. The Coach then guides them as they establish new goals, and ways to overcome obstacles.  The horse, client and Coach become a team working toward life transformations.  EAPD Coaches work mostly with individuals and families.

National Training Directors

   In 2002 Ross and Dee MacInnes began working together to utilize their knowledge and skill sets in the Equine Assisted Learning field. They developed the EAPD Coach program based on the research that began in 2002. Along with developing the EAPD Coach program, they also have developed programs that are available to their Coaches to teach. TRAIL OF THE HEART © is a 6 week program developed for adults who desire change in their lives. IN FRONT OF THE HERD © is a 7 week leadership program developed for teens. Over the seven weeks, they cover topics such as Effective Leadership, Character, Trust and Respect, Relationships, Influence and Change. 

Ross and Dee own Higher Trails Equine, their home ranch. Ross grew up with horses, learning first at the knee of his grandfather Angus Graham, and later was trained under the protocols of the RCMP Musical Ride. He transferred to Calgary City Police, then retired and intensified his research into horses and their influence on at-risk youth. Dee worked in the personnel field with the Federal Government where she was a trainer and interviewer.

Upon retiring, their focus has been on EAL and its impact on those who encounter that human/horse experience. Their ongoing work with high anxiety teens, First Nations, those with Operational Stress Injury, and others who benefit from what the horses have to offer.

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