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History of EAL Canada

During the years 1999-2001, 127 program models were examined – each one focused on the issue of high-risk behaviors in teens, and the breakdown of relationships.  These were eventually winnowed down to less than a dozen, based on effectiveness, financial accessibility and replication. The organizations were audited, and the best-practices of each were incorporated into a program model that became known as Higher Trails.  Horses were integrated, key staff was trained and were supported by clinical personnel, wranglers, and a herd of 16 horses.

Over the next 15 years, Higher Trails delivered services to individuals, families and organizations and began a Certification Program for Equine Assisted Personal Development Coaches/Facilitators.  The programs were expanded to include special needs, First Nations groups, educational institutions, justice issues and a host of other opportunities.

Beginning in 2015, and working with the Business Development Center, several like-minded organizations and governmental agencies, Higher Trails was part of an in-depth collaborative undertaking. The highly effective programs developed by Higher Trails were the basis for the development of a new organization that would concentrate just on teaching Equine Assisted Learning.

In 2017  EQUINE ASSISTED LEARNING (EAL) CANADA.  was incorporated and continues to provide instruction across Canada.  They continue to develop new material, products for their Coaches and stay in the forefront  of the EAL field.

Mission Statement


Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Canada provides quality instruction to those working in the EAL Field. EAL Canada delivers a leading-edge approach to equine assisted learning programs, ensuring graduates have all the tools required to be successful  EAL Practitioners.  

Honesty and Integrity

EAL Canada has an established Code of Ethics and Professional Standards for the company and their graduates. Confidential information will be treated with respect and honesty, and will not be shared with others unless required by law, or for the physical safety of the client or other persons. Integrity of their programs and the conduct of their graduates is of utmost importance.

Open Minded

EAL Canada encourages on-going training, being open minded when research provides new tools that can be shared with other graduates. EAL practitioners are encouraged to embrace new ideas and incorporate them into their business


All clients and horses will be treated with respect and compassion, considering their physical and psychological well-being. EAL Canada understands the depth of emotion clients may feel and is empathetic to each situation. Practitioners are also respectful of the horse, knowing there is an impact on the horse in EAL situations.  


EAL Canada provides tools to their graduates that encourage self-motivation. Whether it is starting a business, growing a business or expanding services; support is provided. Continued education and training is encouraged through on-line courses, new research regarding EAL and participation in other EAL Courses. 


EAL Canada maintains social media centers that encourage their graduates to support one another through sharing the excitement of lives impacted, goals reached and business successes. Their entrepreneurial ideas and suggestions ignite the enthusiasm of others.


EAL Canada recognizes that we have a responsibility to this earth and its inhabitants. God has gifted us with horses that are willing to help humans on their journey. We honor his creation and accept that the responsibility to help those who chose to travel a path that includes time with horses.

Why do we do what we do?

 We have seen lives changed, hopes renewed and spirits lifted through the power and insights of a horse.

We want to teach other coaches how to partner with horses to change the lives of those desiring change.

People deserve the opportunity to move forward; to greater, better lives and the horse can help them do that.